Welcome to Wilshire Square!

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Welcome to a place where neighbors know each other. Where they pick up your paper and feed your cat when you are gone. Where they bring your dog home when he gets out. Where you can let your neighbors know you'll be gone for the weekend so they can keep an eye on the house.

Wilshire Square is not just a collection of historic houses, it is also family and friends. A place where people gather and socialize during the summer concert. Where neighbors swap cuttings to expand their gardens. Where you know your neighbors well enough to actually recognize them when you run into them in Home Depot or the supermarket.

The first house in Wilshire Square was built in 1915. The majority of homes was completed between 1922 and 1931, with a second building phase between 1935 and 1942. Very few houses were built after that, though a few were built as late as the 1950s. Our wide tree-lined streets, period street lighting, and large lawns and gardens add to the neighborhood's charm.

Our homes were built by master craftsmen with Arts and Craft style overtures. The houses reflect some of the architectural styles popular at the time -- Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial, and California Bungalow. Although you will find similarities in the houses, because each one was custom-built, they all reflect the individuality of the original owners and builders. In many cases, you will also see the influence of subsequent owners who have completed sensitive remodeling, renovation, and addition projects to their home.

We hope that you will also enjoy wandering through some of our neighborhood gardens. Each one reflects the personality and style of the home, and each is an artistic and thoughtful complement to the home it surrounds.

Come, look around, and discover the charm that attracts people to Wilshire Square, and the friendliness that makes them stay. If you have questions, feel free to ask, because we love to talk about our homes and their history. We hope you enjoy your visit to both the past and the present of this place that we call home.