Our Approach

About Wilshire Square

Wilshire Square is located in the heart of Santa Ana, California, and is comprised of over 600 homes. In late 1922, just a few days before Christmas, the first lots went on sale and over 3000 trees planted in the neighborhood, with a quarter of the lots sold within the year. You will find a handful of Wilshire Square homes built in the 1920s, but most were built after the Depression in the 1930s and 1940s. Master craftsmen designed charming homes for the neighborhood in styles including Tudor, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Craftsmen, and more. The tree-lined streets invite you in with plentiful Sycamore, Jacaranda, Cedars, Deodars, and Palm.

Our Story

About Wilshire Square Neighborhood

There is no formal neighborhood association for Wilshire Square and no mandatory dues. Instead neighbors organized the Wilshire Square Neighborhood group to work with each other to organize self-supporting events to bring the neighborhood together. Our monthly meetings are a chance to get to know each other, discuss issues relevant to our community, and plan for the next exciting community activity. Wilshire Square Neighborhood Association works with the city of Santa Ana to bring important updates to its residents and help residents navigate city services.

Board Members

The Wilshire Square Neighborhood board members are responsible for organizing all of the wonderful community events throughout the year. Their hard work and dedication helps bring Wilshire Square together as friends and neighbors.

President - Karen Marx

Vice President  - Marta Rodriguez-Ramirez

Secretary - Jennifer Schutza

Treasurer - Scott Davidson

Events Chair  - Irma Jauregui

Participating on our volunteer board is a great way to contribute to your community and get to know your neighbors. We hold annual elections at our monthly meetings and always welcome new neighbors to help make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live.